Development prospect of LED light bulb

- Dec 07, 2018 -

For a long time, light-emitting diodes have not been used for lighting, mainly because light-emitting diodes usually emit only red or yellow light, and to obtain white light, they must also produce light-emitting diodes that emit Blu-ray. In this way, red, yellow, blue three kinds of light  "mixed ", the production of white light. The difficult problem that haunts people has finally been solved. Scientists have discovered a new semiconductor material, gallium nitride, which emits blue light after proper treatment. When the problem of blue light is solved, there is hope for the problem of whitening. Colin John Fries, of the Department of Materials at the University of Cambridge, said they had developed a light-emitting diode bulb in the experiment, which emits light that is very close to sunlight and has a good prospect of application. He said that light-emitting diode bulbs are made of semiconductors, so the luminescent device can do very little, only a few millimeters, and install them on walls or ceilings, and if they do not turn on the lights, they are almost unaware of their presence, thus eliminating the hassle of ordinary incandescent lamps having to be fitted with lampshades to prevent light from stabbing the eyes. In addition, the light bulb has a long lifespan and hardly has to be replaced after it is installed, and people may forget what it is like to change the light bulb in the future. He is calling on the UK government to increase investment to ensure the UK can be at the forefront of this technology sector.

In addition to durability, this light bulb also has great potential for energy conservation. It is calculated that if half of the light bulbs in the United States use light-emitting diode bulbs, 24 power stations can be shut down, saving billions of of dollars and carbon dioxide emissions will be significantly reduced. That is why the United States has planned to use light-emitting diode bulbs for all traffic lights by 2006, so that each intersection can save 750 of dollars a year. Despite the benefits of this light bulb, there are two major obstacles to actually getting into the average family. One is that the price is too high, the price of each light bulb is 30 pounds, while the ordinary incandescent bulbs are only 35 pence, the gap is too wide. Second, it is difficult to produce white light bulbs suitable for home use.

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