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- Dec 07, 2018 -

LED energy-saving light bulb status LED lighting is mainly high-power white led single-light. LED lighting is a generic term for LED lamps, with the further maturation of LED technology, LED will be in the room lighting design and development field to achieve more and better development.

21st century bedroom lighting design will be LED lighting bulb design as the mainstream, at the same time fully reflects the energy-saving, health, artistic and humanized lighting development trend, become the dominant room lighting culture. Traditional incandescent lamps (tungsten lamp) high energy consumption, short life, in the global resource constraints of the environment, has gradually been banned by governments to produce, with the alternative products are electronic energy-saving lamps, electronic energy-saving lamps although improve the energy-saving effect, but because of the use of a lot of pollution of the environment of heavy metal elements, but also contrary With the rapid development of LED technology LED lighting has gradually become the perfect choice for new green lighting.

Led in the luminous principle, energy saving, environmental protection level are far superior to traditional lighting products. As incandescent lamps and electronic energy-saving lamps still occupy a very high proportion of people's daily use, in order to reduce waste, LED lighting manufacturers must develop LED lighting products that conform to existing interfaces and people's usage habits, Enables people to use a new generation of LED lighting products without the need to replace their original traditional luminaire bases and lines.

So LED bulb lights came into being. LED bulb lamps Use the existing interface mode, that is, screw mouth (e26e27e14, etc.), socket mode (B22, etc.), and even in order to conform to people's use habits imitate the shape of incandescent bulbs. Based on the luminous principle of LED unidirectional, the designer has made changes in the luminaire structure so that the light distribution curve of the LED bulb lamp is basically converging with the point light source of incandescent lamp.

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