Edison Bulbs

- Dec 07, 2018 -

A light bulb (or electric ball), the exact technical name of an incandescent lamp, is a lamp that is heated to incandescent by using a resistor inserting thread (Hyundai is usually tungsten filament) and used to glow. The outer edge of the light bulb is made of glass, keeping the filament under a vacuum, or low pressure inert gas, to prevent the filament from oxidizing at high temperatures. With reference to incandescent lamps, it is generally believed that the electric light was invented by the American Tommas Edison. But if serious examination, another American, Heinrich Göbel, has invented the same principles and materials decades earlier than Edison. In the 1801, David, a British chemist, energized the platinum wire, and in 1810 he invented an electric candlestick, using arc lighting between two carbon rods. 1854 Henry Gos used a carbonized bamboo filament and placed it under a vacuum glass bottle to glow. His invention appears today to be the first practical incandescent lamp to be effective.

The light bulb he tested at the time was up to 400 hours, but did not immediately apply for a design patent. The biggest problem with light bulbs is the sublimation of filaments. Because the slight resistance difference on the tungsten filament results in different temperatures, where the resistance is greater, the temperature rises higher, the tungsten filament also sublimates faster, resulting in a thinning of the tungsten filament and a further increase in the resistance of the wire, which eventually causes the tungsten filament to burn. It was later found that using inert gas instead of vacuum could slow down the sublimation of tungsten filament. Most of today's light bulbs are injected with nitrogen, argon, or Krypton gas. Modern incandescent lamps have a general lifespan of about 1,000 hours.

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