Main Categories Of Light Bulbs

- Dec 07, 2018 -


A widely used light source that emits warm, faint light and is what most of us think of as a light bulb. Its price is cheap, therefore, tungsten lamp bubbles also have a variety of styles to match different lamps.

However, the life of the tungsten lamp bubble is not long, also does not save electricity, it will also emit a low temperature, so can not be too close to paper, textiles or plastic products.

Tungsten Halogen The life of the bubble is longer than that of the average tungsten lamp bubble, but the price is also more expensive.

Tungsten Halogen lamps produce light clues that are more white than ordinary tungsten bulbs to be closer to natural light. There are two types of halogen lamps: High volt number, which is usually used only on the sky lamp, and the other is a low volt number type, mostly used for downward illumination of the projection lamp.

Both types of light bulbs can adjust the light.

Fluorescent Tube The light it emits is colder, rougher and cyan than the tungsten bulbs, but the tubes are very power-saving and durable, making them an affordable choice on the right. They also have many improvements at the moment and can be used in smaller luminaires. In addition, the light produced by these improved lamps is also warmer than the old ones, making it the best choice for kitchens and studios.

But to sum up, this kind of lamp is helpful to the creation of the atmosphere in the home.

Metallic halogen Bulbs This is the current R & amp; D and manufacturing of light sources, not only cheap, but also will not destroy the hue of the house. It is most commonly used in gardens, where high brightness is required. Because of the ingredients that contain sodium, it emits a light orange glow. Today, the most widely used metal halogen lamps are street lights, and the advantages of power saving are the main considerations. But it is also gradually being used in indoor lighting.

LED Bulbs

LED will be the great light revolution that will begin again since Edison invented the light bulb. LED bulbs current status of LED lighting is mainly high-power white LED single lamp, the world's top three LED lighting manufacturers warranty three years, large particles per watt greater than or equal to 100 lumens, small particles per watt greater than or equal to 110 lumens.

Light decay large particles less than 3% per year, light decay small particles less than 3% per year. LED Solar street lights, LED lights, LED ceiling lights, LED fluorescent lamps are already available for mass production. For example, 10 watts of LED fluorescent lamps can replace 40 watts of ordinary fluorescent lamps or energy-saving lamps.

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