Origin Of LED Light Bulb

- Dec 07, 2018 -

Nick Holoniako is an ordinary researcher at General Electric in the United States. In the 1962, he developed the world's first reddish-emitting diode (led-light-emitting diodes). He believes that the ability to obtain red light will also make it possible to get light from other colors.

In 1963, he wrote in the United States Reader's Digest that the future lighting and display field will be the world of light-emitting diodes! The second year after Holoniako invented the light-emitting diode, he left GE as a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Illinois. He wants to develop more students through education, through which they can improve and promote the application of light-emitting diodes. Many of the physics doctors he taught at the university became entrepreneurs, chief administrative officers or researchers.

The marketization of light-emitting diodes has been successfully realized after the invention has been improved. In the 1963, Holoniako invented the world's first red-light semiconductor laser. This laser diode is now a key component of CDs, DVDs, players, laser printers and copiers. Since the 70, Holoniako has been working to extend the luminescent spectrum of light-emitting diodes to invisible---infrared light. Infrared diodes will not only change the long-distance communication system, but also change the face of the computer.

Nowadays, nearly 80 of old Holoniako are still pursuing, with the intention of using light-emitting diode method, a large number of optical switches integrated on the chip, and then realize the dream of optical computers. Holoniako's contribution lies in giving new enlightenment to future generations, which has opened up new ways to study new light sources and new devices. People have made light-emitting diodes that can be yellowish, green, blue, white and other different colors. Today's giant display fans made of light-emitting diodes are around the world, showing figures that are clear even during the day. And all the LEDs in the traffic lights and cars are almost entirely light-emitting diodes.

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