The History Of Bulbs Invention

- Dec 07, 2018 -

The first use of light bulb dēngpào (bulb) is known to be Henry Goebbels of the United States.

The most famous inventor was the American scientist Thomas Alva Edison, who was well aware of Edison's successful production of light bulbs on October 21, 1879. In the development process, Thomas Alva Edison carefully analyzed the gas lamp and arc lamps at that time, his main direction is to find a heat-resistant material. By the electric current to burn it to the level of white heat and emit a blazing light without breaking or melting. He stumbled upon the cotton thread burning to ashes in the air, and the carbon cotton thread in the treated glass ball issued a blazing light. It is a pity that the light lasted only a few minutes and disappeared.

He mistakenly abandoned the experiment and instead tried 1,600 different heat-resistant materials, including cesium, nickel, platinum (Platinum) and platinum Iridium alloys, with little harvest. Thomas Alba Thomas Al Val Edison is back on the study of carbon.

In October of that year, he experimented with a 20 cm long, 0.15 cm diameter carbon rod with a heat resistance of 5.5 hours, and he continued to improve the Carbonization method and pumping treatment. On the October 21, 1879, he used 1 carbonized cotton threads with a diameter of 0.025 cm as filament, which emitted a bright, stable luminosity, with a illumination of 4 candlelight, 1 hours, 2 hours ... It was 45 hours bright.

After more than 1 years of hard work, thousands of trials, the long-awaited electric light was finally born. In October of the same year, when Thomas Alva Edison switched to carbonized paper jams to greatly improve the life of the lamp, the manufacturer could not wait to put it into production. 1880 New Year's Eve, 3,000 of people took to the streets of New York to watch the new invention. Success did not stop the Thomas Alva Edison. The following year, he made a silk lamp that could be lit for 1, 200 hours in a row. Until the 1904, the Austrians invented a tungsten light 3 times times stronger than the silk lamp of a bamboo, the former being replaced. Tungsten lamps have been used since 1907.

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